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Once upon a time, women had to write under a man's name to be taken seriously...

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First Book of...

Cocker Brothers, the hit series with a million sold worldwide in all formats. There are 26 books, but still. A million is a cool number

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What Reviewers Are Saying

 I absolutely loved this book, the characters and the heartwarming feelings I was left with after turning the last page. I can't wait to read more of these sexy brothers!

~ Just Love My Books Book Blog ~ on Cocky Cowboy

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What happened to
Faleena Hopkins

In 2023 the news splashed headlines like "Romance Novelist Missing After Police Car Chase" and while the car chase was real, the missing was really her disappearing of her own free will to heal from the PTSD of the chase, and a stalker taking all of her books down from Amazon. She took the money she'd saved and went to Kaui, as far from the snowy winter she'd just been stuck in as she could proverbially get. And healing from her trademark debacle was necessary more than she knew. So wait. Why was there a car chase? See, a ranger found her lost in a national park, inside her car, hands in prayer pose, eyes closed, praying for an exit. When he directed her to pull into an enclosed area rather than offering to guide her to the way out of the snow-laden park, she hit the gas instead, driving at top speeds in the blustering snow until road spikes stopped her adrenaline. There she told the other rangers & police officers why, and they found her clean of any other motive, and stone cold sober. As for the "fugitive" headlines, well, they didn't really understand the definition - that a fugitive is one who is in hiding or who has escaped. Faleena was neither. And you don't give a "fugitive" a Zoom trial. Ya kinda want them in front of ya.

But hey, how many readers can say they read books by a Fugitive Romance Author? Get the coffee mug in the store. Heheh. Truly.


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